Access web application using IP address

Set web application as default

What is IP?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. IP address meanwhile is a numerical number assigned to devices and used for communication among devices in connected computer network that uses Internet Protocol, such as Internet. For example, when you buy VPS from a provider, you’ll be given an IP address so that you can access your server anywhere where the internet connection is available. Other than that, you’ll be providing your IP address when you are required to connect your server to RunCloud. Domain name on the the hand translates IP into more human readable address. Domain name is in string while IP in numerical number.

Set Web Application As Default

After you have connected your server with RunCloud and if you are not going to use any domain name, you need to do some extra setup so that your web application is accessible directly using IP address. You need to set the web application as default web application under the “Web Application” section as shown below. To cancel the web application that we have set as default, just simply redo the steps.

Set web application as default
Confirm Set As Default
Straight away go to your IP address to continue with Wordpress installation or anything you need to to with your web application. If you forgot your server IP address, it’s available in the summary page.

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9 thoughts on “Access web application using IP address

  1. We’d like to use runcloud to manage our staging server. In this scenario we want to have multiple Wordpress websites on the one droplet instance. These sites need to be accessed by the IP address/websitestagingname. Therefore we cannot use the default app example above as this would only allow access to one website.

    Is there a solution for this ?

    1. looks like there is no solution for this. but you can update your WordPress address to something else.


      then update your /etc/hosts if you are on Linux or Mac. Not sure where to put that inside Windows

  2. I should also mention we would connect bitbucket for deployment of each site too, so would not need to install vanilla WP

  3. Thanks for your post. I have been interested in understanding domain structure and function. I found this to be very informative.

  4. Ah, I finally found it. It become really easy and simple this way 🙂
    I’ve been relying on Runcloud for more than 1 year. Trust me, as someone who doesn’t know programming, RC saved me hours of time.

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