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11 thoughts on “The 15 Best Email Hosting for Small Business (2022)

  1. great information. I personally use zoho mail, and I had also recommended it to my client. I try alternative on yandex for 2 months and unfortunately 1 day, 2 month of my email went missing and yandex unable do any thing for me.

    1. Hi Calvyn, thanks for the important yandex feedback. Anyone want to sign up the free email hosting should take note of it.

  2. Nice post – I think G Suite is the only real way to go but it’s still interesting to see that there are some alternatives.

  3. Hey I just started working at a startup company called MailShogun. It is cheaper and more effective then most of these providers. Would you consider adding the company to this blog, or even write a new post about them. Here is their website.

  4. Bro, i read that the “Private” Plan in Private Mail Hosting from namecheap couldn’t connect to Spark mobile app, it’s only for Business and Business Pro, is that true?

  5. A very important issue missed in the above comparison is the email hosting providor’s SPAM policy.
    When your own providor bounce your messages even though it meets all the criteria for example of the Can SPAM Act, then their service to you become totally useless.

    G-Suit via seem to have a sensible SPAM policy you can read here
    Your description of MxRoute services caught my attention for their ability to automatically forward email to another mail replay if it is rejected due to IP reputation.

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