Connect Your First Server

With RunCloud, you don’t need to be a Linux expert to host your website, powered by DigitalOcean, UpCloud, Linode, Vultr, Google Cloud, Amazon Lightsail, or your own favourite server provider.

Connecting your first server is very easy. RunCloud provides three different methods to connect your server to RunCloud.

  • Direct Server Provisioning using server provider API
  • Direct Server Installation via IP Address and root password
  • Manual Server Installation via IP Address

These methods make it possible to connect server from any server provider in the world.

Minimum Requirements

Before you connect your first server, please review these requirements.

  • Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 x86_64 LTS, fresh installation only.
  • At least one static public IP Address, especially for Google Cloud and AWS users where an additional step is needed to setup a static public IP Address for your server.
  • At least port 22, 80, 443, and 34210 are open, especially for Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud users where an additional step is needed to open these required ports for your server.


Direct Server Provisioning

Using direct server provisioning method, you can build and connect a server directly from the RunCloud dashboard by providing server provider API key to RunCloud.

Currently, this method is available for DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, UpCloud, and Amazon Lightsail.


Direct Server Installation

Using direct server installation method, you only need to input your server IP address and root password, then sit back and relax, our direct server installation will setup your server in minutes.


Manual Server Installation

If your server provider doesn’t provide a root password, you can use manual server installation to connect your server.

You only need to open your server console, run RunCloud installation script, then sit back and relax, our manual server installation will setup your server in minutes.

Special note for Google Cloud and AWS users: these providers disable root login by default. To login as root inside a Google Cloud or AWS server, login as default user and then use command “sudo -s” before you run the RunCloud installation script.


The following table shows all supported server providers.

Server Providers Direct Server Provisioning Direct Server Installation Manual Server Installation
DigitalOcean YES YES YES
Google Cloud YES
Amazon Lightsail YES YES
Azure YES
Alibaba Cloud YES YES
Hetzner YES YES
any provider that enables root password YES YES
any provider that disables root password YES

Thanks for connecting your first server to RunCloud. We hope you had a great experience with our easy server installation process.

After connecting your first server, you can continue now by creating your first web application, a website that can be managed from RunCloud dashboard.

Create Your First Website

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