Cost Of Setting Up A Website In 2019

The use of websites for businesses span all walks of life. From running online music stores to merchant stores, the creation of websites has no boundaries. There are different types of websites setup for hobbyists and business owners. Before creating a website, however, the reasons and types are important.
Knowing why you want to create a website and how you will go about creating it, is important.
So what is the cost of creating a website in 2019?

Why build a website?

For a business to get in touch with customers, communication is essential. Being able to deliver products, on a local and global scale is a good way to stay in business. A website is one of the easiest ways of having potential customers find you and shop for a variety of your products. Whether your product is unique or competitive, having a website can help with exposure.

Having a website online is a major help for any business. Regular store hours are fixed, closing at certain times of the day, forcing the loss of any potential customers or sales. An online store presents itself 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and on holidays, so there is always the opportunity for new customers and more sales. Any time a potential customer wants to a purchase, the website is available.
A website also serves as one of the best form of advertisements. On a website, the products and services of a particular business can be highlighted. They are flexible and can change at any time with a few clicks. Owning a website gives a competitive advantage. This is because they can improve upon their stores and products and at the same time develop strategies to reach a wide audience.

Factors that influence the cost of setting up a website

Cost of website domain name

A domain name is the IP address given to a particular website. Rather than having to remember the numbers, such as, the DNS, or Domain Name System, will render a website as There are billions of different IP addresses, meaning there are billions of websites on the Internet. The costs of a website domain name may vary depending on the registrar you buy from and ranges on average from $10 to $15 per annually. This price may range depending on the TLD (Top-level domain), such as .biz, .us, .tv, or .me.

Cost of website hosting

A web host is a company that possesses the technology that enables web pages to be accessed across the internet. There are dozens of web hosting companies to choose from and all range in price. What makes them different is the level of service they provide or what you get when you purchase a web host. The services of web hosts are usually not free. It is important to look at hosting not only from the point of view of pricing but on the ability of the companies providing the hosting services.
Some web hosting companies may be cheaper, but support and quality of service lacks greatly. For example, most hosting companies that cost less than $5 do not provide priority support and can take up to 24 hours to get support. The cost for web hosting may range from $2 to $10 per month for a shared server, $15 to $30 for managed hosting, usually with WordPress. Faster servers which give your website complete dedication and support may cost as much as $100 or more per month on a dedicated server.
Shared hosting is cheaper because many websites are placed on to a single server. This may slow down your site, but be efficient enough to run your website. Shared hosting is usually the best place to start. But many companies will find themselves outgrowing the service and may have to upgrade within a few years.

Website builder

Choosing to build your own website may save hundreds to thousands of dollars in exchange for time and learning. The more features that are included in the website building software, the better the outcome of the website. It is recommended that you use a website builder that allows you to build and publish online.
While not every business owner has the time to learn how to build their own website, hiring someone or a company might be another option. Choosing to build a website from scratch or with a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress can cost between $250 and $10,000, depending on type and customization.

Website Template Design

Some websites are built by customizing templates. Website builder may not have the advancements or sophistication to customize a template and may require a web developer. Different web developers and web companies may charge different amounts for website templates or customization, depending on the services they provide. In addition to the building and customization, ongoing support and maintenance may also be added to the package or offered as an add-on.

Logo Design

A website represents a company, organization, or individual initiative. A logo helps with branding a company, as a logo-less website is hardly memorable. The more your logo sticks out, the likely it is to be remembered. It is good for a company to represent itself using its logo. A good logo can be designed for as little as $50 and more top notch logos might be up to $150.

Image and Ex-plainer Videos

A website may display images that are copyrighted and need to be paid for. There are plenty of websites that offer stock images, often with a watermark, some rare, that require payment to use. These images are often sought after for their uniqueness and quality. But, there are other options that do not need payment and instead using them may be free or require some reference to the original creator.
An explainer video offer an easy navigation experience. This video usually helps visitors to navigate your website, understand the business and products, or serve as an introduction video. Videos are often preferred by companies because content can be long and boring. A video can be more engaging and quicker to get the point across. According to statistics, a website with a good explainer video has a 400% possibility of converting a client compared to websites which do not. The average cost of an image ranges from $5 to $15. The average cost of an explainer video range from $100 to $1000.

First Contact

Websites that have a business email address have a higher chance of gaining trust immediately. This is because paid email providers have end-to-end encryption that protects user privacy. In most instances, this email address is being paid for and is dedicated to the business purpose. It is not that easy to gain credibility online. An extra security and service that can make your business appear more credible should be handled with care and attention. Paid email addresses usually cost $5 per month or may come free depending on the hosting company and hosting plan, such as DreamHost’s shared hosting plan.

Website cost calculator summary

This calculation is for a good low cost website. It is important to note that for a customized website, prices will increase drastically.

Item Cost Average Reason
Domain name $10 to $15  annually $12 – $14 Depends on the price offered by the company providing the services.
Web hosting $2 to $10 per month $30 per month for a shared server Cost is for a shared server. Price ranges higher if VPS or Dedicated server, but offers more benefits
Website Builder Software Free Free If you want to customize a template, cost will be $250+
Web Developer $250 to $1000 $1000 For websites built from scratch and the hiring of a web developer, price ranges from $500 to $3,000+
Images $25 $25 Depending on the number of images needed, price may vary even higher
Logo design $50 $50 Cheap logos can be found on or other places, but it is best to pay a graphic designer for a decent unique logo
Business email address $5 per month $60 per year Business emails are about $5 per user but may come free with a good web hosting plan, such as DreamHost
Estimated Average Total Cost = $1170

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