Create Your First Website

With RunCloud, you don’t need to be a Linux expert to host your website with your favourite server provider. We support all PHP applications, especially WordPress, WooCommerce, and Laravel.

Creating your first “web application” is very easy. A web application is a website that can be managed from your RunCloud dashboard.

RunCloud provides two different options when creating a web application.


One-Click WordPress Install

If you want to create a WordPress or WooCommerce website, you can use our One-Click WordPress Install feature and get your WordPress web application ready in minutes.


Custom PHP Web Application

If you want to create a Laravel or custom PHP website, you can choose Custom Web Application when creating your web application.


With RunCloud, you can create multiple web applications on one server. Each web application is separate of each other sandboxed in its own with its own permissions.

Sandboxing each web application allows it to be more secure. If one of your website is compromised, the others would be completely safe.

After creating your first website, you can continue now by adding your first domain to make your website go live using your own domain.

Add Your First Domain

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