Easy website SSL using LetsEncrypt

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easy website ssl using letsencrypt

A bit about SSL/TLS

SSL/TLS is a must in every website or blog nowadays. SEO is one of the perks of SSL since Google decided to give website with SSL a ranking boost rather than a website without it.

The real reason of using SSL/TLS is to secure the communication between us (the website viewer) and the website. If you are typing your password to a website without SSL, your password will have a chance to be sniff. If the website use SSL, the sniffer will only get junk data that won’t be able to decrypt.

SSL/TLS website nowadays comes with a lot of improvement such as HTTP2. HTTP2 will make your website to run faster. You don’t have to know technical between both, but trust me when you open this blog, the loading is quite fast right?

LetsEncrypt using RunCloud

I will not write about LetsEncrypt, you can read about LetsEncrypt in their website. To use LetsEncrypt, you need to learn how to call their certificate bot (CertBot) to test whether your domain name is verified or not, get the certificate and configure your web server to use the certificate.

Using RunCloud, all those problem will be solved in one click. Furthermore, we configured your site to get A+ and to comply with PCI-DSS, NIST and HIPAA in SSL test. This is another tutorial video on how to install SSL/TLS using LetsEncrypt using RunCloud.

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5 thoughts on “Easy website SSL using LetsEncrypt”

  1. Why, when Incheck my domain name that use an SSL that I installed with RunCloud, is shows me several other domains that are not mine? Using the same certificate. Something must be wrong.

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