How to use Digital Ocean Floating IP

How to use digital ocean floating IP

One of the best features inside Digital Ocean is a floating IP Address. We often receive requests from our customers on how to install RunCloud using a floating IP. The short answer is, you can’t.
To install RunCloud, you need to use the original IP Address of the Droplet. RunCloud will only respond to the advertised IP address of your server. In this case, the original Droplet IP Address. If you are using a floating IP Address, think of it as the public facing IP Address, while the original Droplet IP Address is the management IP Address.
To know which IP Address is advertised by your Droplet, you can run this command inside your server:


Assigning Web Application to a Floating IP Address

Since Web Applications listen to, you don’t have to assign anything. Just create a Web Application as you usually do.
The part to use the floating IP is at the DNS level. At the DNS A record, point your record to the floating IP Address, then wait for it to resolve. And voila, your Web Application will serve from the floating IP Address!

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