How to Install Mautic Marketing Automation Inside RunCloud Server

What is Mautic

Mautic is a free and Open Source marketing automation software and it can monitor websites, create landing pages, send emails to make you grow your business.

This is the first time I heard about Mautic since our customers tried to follow the tutorials from LinuxBabe but unable to do it correctly. So I guess we will try to do another tutorial but with RunCloud. This tutorial also follows the LinuxBabe tutorial since I’ve never done this before.

Creating the Web Application

As usual, create your web application inside RunCloud Panel and give it a name like the picture below.

Name: mautic-test (you can use any name that you want)
User: runcloud
PHPVersion: php 7.0

We are using PHP7.0 since Mautic don’t support PHP7.1 yet when this post was published. Please use your selected user in every step below.

SSH, Download, Extract

Now SSH inside your server with the selected username, download the latest Mautic and extract it to the root web app folder.

# SSH into your server using the selected web app user
ssh runcloud@<ip address>

# Change the working directory to your web app root path
cd webapps/mautic-test

# Download the Mautic script. The download might be a bit slow. Just wait for it to finish
wget -O

# Unzip it

Try open it inside the browser

This is what I got when I try to open it from my browser

It will give you a recommendation to enable php_posix.

Enabling php_posix

The php_posix is disabled by default inside RunCloud for security reason. For Mautic, it is just a recommendation, not a requirement. But if you really want to enable that, go to your web app setting and replace all the disable_functions with the text below.


Save the web application and refresh your browser. You will see the recommendation section disappear.

Create Database and User

Go to RunCloud Panel and create new database and user. I will use mautic for both database name and username. Don’t forget to attach the user to the database.

After you have done that, fill in the database installation inside Mautic as follows. Use for database host because inside RunCloud, we are using TCP instead of UNIX socket for database.

Finishing All Installation Step

After you have added the database, you will be greet with Mautic installation. This should be easy because it is how do you want Mautic to behave.

After you have setup everything inside the installer, login to the Dashboard and you will be greet with beautiful dashboard like the picture below.


When Mautic ask you which service do you want to use to send email, don’t use php mail. I’ve talk about this before inside the email blog post.

Simplifying Server Management

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2 thoughts on “How to Install Mautic Marketing Automation Inside RunCloud Server

  1. thanks for this tutorial – it helped installing mautic, but I still have a doubt about one thing.

    after installing mautic i went to the ssl option on the webapp and i enablet it with letsencrypt – so far so good šŸ™‚
    Now I don’t know how to force SSL?
    should i do it in .htaccess? I’ve tried this without success.
    there’s any other way to do this?

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