How to install WordPress using RunCloud

Installing WordPress the usual way

Most of us will install WordPress using file transfer. Whether you are using FTP, SFTP or anything it is a matter of preference. My choice is to download the latest one from WordPress website into my server, decompress it and put it inside my public directory. Then create a database, database user and then assign that user to the database. Then I create NGiNX config, PHP config and testing the configuration. Fix the configuration again because it is not optimize and redundant. After several typing into the terminal, I managed to get it working and start my WordPress installation. Time taken: ~5-45 minutes.

Installing WordPress the RunCloud’s way

First thing to do is to create my Web Application which took less than 10 seconds. Next, go to script installer, choose WordPress and click install. After that, I create new database and database using in a single click. Now I can start my WordPress installation as usual. Time taken: ~1 minute. Here is the proof video on how to get it working without hassle.

YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “How to install WordPress using RunCloud

  1. Guys, i’m using runcloud and digital ocean, i couldn’t find my ftp host, login and password.
    Does anyone have an idea how could i find it?

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