Introducing RunCloud Referral Program

We are proud to announce our RunCloud Referral Program.

And we are paying actual money (and not just credits) straight into your Paypal account.

But before you jump into your Dashboard to check it out, let me just give you a brief on how it works.

  • You will get $5 everytime the person you refer to RunCloud upgrades to a Pro account
  • Your friend can register without your referral for free and get a 5-day free trial to the Pro account. But to give a reason for your friend to go through your referral link, instead of a 5-day trial period, we will extend the trial to a 15-day period — just for using your referral link.
  • You can withdraw your earnings into your Paypal account
  • You can withdraw you earnings when it reaches $30 or more
  • We will be tagging your friend with a browser cookie. And the cookie lives for 30 days. That means, even if they visit us today and signed up next week, you will still be rewarded for your referrals.
  • To start referring your friend, just give them your referral link. It is in your RunCloud Dashboard. Look for Referral on the top menu
  • Use your own unique referral link to send traffic to RunCloud

Banners and Logos

The easiest way to get started with this is to simply link to us from your websites. You can use a normal text saying “Server Management by”. Or you can also use our banners and logos.

For Bloggers

If you have a blog, why not write about your experience with RunCloud. A personal story always gets to people and can likely send more referrals for you. Don’t forget to remind them that they can get their Pro Account trial extended to 15 days, instead of just 5.

And also, don’t forget to use your unique referral link every time you link to us.

All the best!

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