Introducing Yearly Pro Plan and Telegram Notification

Yearly Pro Plan

We have been asked by many of our customers, “Hey, do you have any yearly plan?”, “Any plan to add yearly payment?”, “Can I pay this yearly?” and many other questions asking about Yearly Pro Plan. It is not we don’t want to do this early, but many constrain that need to be taken and we don’t know how to fix that. All of our team members have had a meeting for this since July, and no solution was found until October. That is why we have to postpone it. We also consult with a few peoples outside our team to get an idea on how to do this. But all solutions are dead ends.

In October, our teammate, Amir has suggested something, “Hey, why are you not tracking when the user start subscribe?”, and from that moment, we know that is the part we are missing. Adding a Yearly Pro Plan is not just adding the missing column inside our database, but we need to totally change our subscription flow and on the same time, maintaining our current customer’s data.

Another challenge is Referral Program. It will directly modify subscription data once you have referred someone. So, we need to change the flow too. With the new flow, any referral will only effective on the next billing cycle.

By tackling all those constraints, we are announcing a Yearly Pro Plan with $100/year.

Telegram Notification

Slack is a huge deal nowadays, but your team maybe not using it since the pricing is per seat if your organization grows. So, you just stick to other alternative such as Telegram. Telegram Bot is awesome, but in this case, we are just using it as notification relay.

It is working like Slack notification does. To activate it, just go to Notification menu inside your server and talk to @RunCloudBot. It will ask for a token. Once you have supplied the token, a popup will appear for you to approve the authorization. Once you have approved that, you are ready to receive Server’s Notification to your Telegram.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing Yearly Pro Plan and Telegram Notification

  1. I’ll help! Just discovered you after looking for an alternative to that would give me more control and so far I am loving it. I’m just doing basic testing on dummy domains but so far this is great! And your tutorials that I’ve needed so far, you tell me exactly what to edit. ServerPilot leaves a lot to guessing.

    Let me know how I can help! I think you may have just got yourself a new customer. Here’s to hoping lasts forever!

  2. Annual plan is good to have, prefer to pay $100 yr than having to pay each month!

    One thing that will be very, very useful is to have actually ticketing system or some kind of support system where we can track our issues or inquiries to you.

    Good start, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Milen, thank you for being a part of RunCloud users. Yes, we’re in the progress to structure our technical team support and implement great ticketing system to serve our customers better. Stay tuned! 🙂

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