Package Update and RunCloud Agent 2.0.6

Package Update

We have updated your server with the latest PHP 7.0.23 for PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1.9 for PHP 7.1. You also get a package update for Nginx which is now at version 1.13.5.

For Nginx and Apache, we have added a log size checking for log rotation. Before doing this update, your web application log will only rotate per monthly basis. But with the latest update, if your log reaches 100MB, it will rotate by it self.

2.0.6 Agent Update

For the agent update, we didn’t add any new feature, but we are removing php55rc-extensions, php56rc-extensions, php70rc-extensions, and php71rc-extensions. The agent now depends on new meta packages, php55rc-essentials, php56rc-essentials, php70rc-essentials, and php71rc-essentials.

The difference between two meta packages is that php<version>rc-essentials will only install essential php modules. On the other hand, php<version>rc-extensions will install all php modules built by us.

The removed modules from php<version>rc-essentials are imap, ldap, pecl-geoip, pecl-imagick, pgsql, snmp and soap.

If you are using any of those modules inside your Web Application, you can follow the guide to install them in the documentation.

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