Price Restructuring Announcement – Introducing Team Feature

There is generally no accepted good way to break the news of a price increase. Especially after a larger solution provider in the same space recently announced a price increase with their plans.

The market scrambled for alternatives, and we benefited from the recent news. But this announcement today is not something that we are doing as a reaction to this market change. We have planned this for months and it has always been tied in to our ongoing evolution of the RunCloud platform.

It just so happens that our dates are coincidentally close to each other.

But worry not. We value you as our early adopters. Being the new kid on the block, with no name, no track record, we are sincerely grateful that you trusted us. And we thank you for that. So, while this is a price restructuring announcement, we will do our best to be fair to you, all of our current users.

In the spirit of openness, we also cannot deny that our previous price plan was strategic, an introductory pricing to break into the market and grow. The strategy was simple – offer the greatest value, a low price partnered with the best feature set. And the strategy has proven successful over the past year. But economically, as a business, RunCloud needs to support itself and the good people that build it, so that we can continue to do good work, and evolve the platform further.

I think maybe I should just get to the point. I will leave this for you to judge yourself.

Pricing Plan Changes

Here are our old pricing plans:

And here are our new (current) pricing plans

With this new plan, the limit applies to how many servers you can deploy on the lower tier plans. You are limited to just one server on the Free and Basic Plans. But since that is your server that you pay your cloud hosting provider, you can put as many Web Apps (or website, or virtual host) as the server can handle. It is your server, not ours. How you use your servers does not affect our servers (except for very little extra DB records).

Features will still be limited for the Free Plan. But if you just need the extra features and you only have that one server, you can upgrade to the Hobby Plan at $8 per month and unlock features like Let’s Encrypt SSL, System User Management (for SSH and SFTP access), Git Web Hook Deployment, and more. But once you need to deploy your second server, maybe it is time to upgrade to the Pro plan, for just an extra $7 per month.

The Pro Plan has increased to $15/mo from $10/mo

As you can see, going forward, new subscriptions to the Pro Plan will now cost $15/mo, this is an increase of $5/mo but still offers the best value and feature set in our market sector. Of course we understant that any current users might feel unhappy if their costs increased, which is why we are happy to let you know, they won’t!

Good News for Existing Pro Users – This May Not Apply To You!

For our Pro customers that registered before this announcement was made, or on and before 14th of June, 2018, the new pricing does not affect you. You can continue to enjoy the great features on RunCloud at the current rate you are paying right now (Grandfathered account). This will only affect new customers that we sign up from this moment on.

Good News for Existing Free Users – Upgrade Now To Enjoy $10/mo Plan

Also our free users that registered before this announcement was made, or on and before 14th of June, 2018, you too can enjoy the same pricing that our current Pro users are enjoying right now. All that you have to do is upgrade to the Pro Plan before 14th of July 2018 and we will lock your subscription at $10 per month, instead of $15 per month.
And even if you do not upgrade (which we hope you will), your current servers are not affected. It is just that you can no longer deploy new servers through your Free plan. The Free plan limits users to just one server deployment. Although, there is no limit to the number of Web Apps and Databases you can create in that one server.

Price Checker

To make your life easier, we’ve added ‘price checker’ so you will understand what you are going to pay. You’ll found it in “Subscription”, after you clicked “Update Subscription” and before you can make a subscription.

Subscription Section > Choose Plan > Update Subscription > Check Pricing > Make Subscription


Introducing Team Feature

With this price restructuring announcement, we also would like to introduce to you our Team Feature that is available through our Business Plan. This is where you can have team members join you in managing your servers through RunCloud.

This is has been long awaited by many of our users. We have been working really hard on it for the past few months, and finally is now ready for unveiling.

You can set permissions and privileges to users on the servers you deploy through RunCloud. You dictate what they can and cannot do on your servers, which servers they can have access to and other rules that you may want to apply.
And with this, no more sharing usernames and passwords. And you can start to off load some of your responsibilities to the next guy.

Liew has an excellent blog post giving more details here.

I guess that wraps up our announcement. You can find all the details at our Pricing page. It is a pleasure to serve you, and we wish that you will continue to have us as your partner in the future.

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  1. “For our Pro customers that registered before this announcement was made, or on and before 14th of June, 2018, the new pricing does not affect you. You can continue to enjoy the great features on RunCloud at the current rate you are paying right now (Grandfathered account).”
    That’s wrong, you removed the server health over the 30-day period.

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