How to Use Quora for Content Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Quora offers a goldmine of opportunities for content marketers, bloggers, or, put simply, anyone looking to connect with their niche specific audience. With a monthly user base of 300 million folks as of 2018, this isn’t a platform to miss.

You can connect with your target audience, encourage high quality traffic to your content, build yourself as a person of authority, and dig out valuable topics for your content strategy. In fact, Imran Esmail over at Smartblogger shares that Quora is the number one source of traffic on his blog and his answers on the platform have received over 1,000,000 views.

Wondering how? Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of using Quora for reaping benefits for your blog.

Starting with the basics – what is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer platform. But that’s not all. It’s more of a social platform where users interact, read each others’ queries and solutions in their feed and interact accordingly.

Right off the bat, this gives you two advantages:

👉 One, a rich community to engage with

👉 Two, a valuable hub of questions that your audience has

The community aspect allows you to spread awareness of your expertise and position yourself as a thought leader.

In fact, active writers on Quora get an average of over 30,000 monthly views, totaling to more than 350,000+ views on a yearly basis. The most active writers get 90,000+ views every month with over 1 million views annually.

The CEO of KyLeads, Daniel Ndukwu confirms this as he shares the results he has driven from Quora with the Content Marketing Institute. He says, “I’ve been a Quora user for years, and to date I’ve gotten over 5 million views on the platform. In addition to that, we’ve used it to drive thousands of visitors to our website and get our first hundred users.”

What’s more, the hub allows you to understand your audience and their pain points. It also gives you the opportunity to supplement your content strategy by learning topics that interest your audience.

A case in point is my post on the Focus booster app’s blog. Fb is a pomodoro timer and the team’s audience includes productivity enthusiasts and pomodoro users. For getting an idea of the audience’s interests, I headed over to Quora and browsed questions that productivity lovers had.

It’s here that I learned that this specific audience would be interested in learning about the science behind the pomodoro technique and we covered it for the blog. Since the content aligned with the audience’s interest, it was well appreciated by them.

Moreover, the post ended up ranking second on google for the search term, ‘science behind pomodoro technique.’

Diving deeper into the benefits of Quora for your business

Numerous benefits emerge from using Quora. Let’s divide and learn:

  • Build awareness and increase your authority

As you participate in Quora Q&A conversations consistently with actionable content, your readers will note you have valuable insights to share. Ultimately, users will view you as a person of authority with expertise in his subject matter.

  • Meet niche specific people

Quora is home to a global audience with different interests and questions. It wouldn’t take you long to find specific people who fit your audience persona. We’ll be addressing the ‘how?’ in your mind shortly.

  • Drive traffic to your content

As you answer questions on the platform, you can share a link to your blogs with an in-depth answer. You may not drive a large traffic chuck to your content via Quora. However, whatever traffic flows to it, it’s of a good quality since niche specific people click through it.

  • Supplement your content research efforts

By unearthing the questions that your audience asks on the network, you can get into their minds and understand their pain points better. Craft content based on these findings for publishing targeted content that solves your readers’ problems.

  • Improve audience research

Lastly, Quora is a good stop for knowing your audience better. Besides learning the questions that they have, you can learn the language they use, what creates friction in their lives, and so on. In a way, this use of Quora poses it as useful a research tool as it assists in revealing what people search online.

Reaping these benefits – Getting starting with Quora in 4 simple steps

As with any other platform, your first step to getting the most from Quora is setting up a profile there. Choose between setting up with Google or Facebook for quick access into the account. Quora will pull out all your profile details from these platforms.

If you’re not the one to interlink your profiles, set an account with your email.

quora for content marketing

Once you’re in, follow these steps:

Step 1: Add details to your profile and choose your interests

For prepping your Quora profile, you need to pay attention to the following areas:

Mark Manson

  • Full Name

Needless to say but enter your full name, preferably the one that you use professionally.

  • Profile image

Research shows that it takes 40 milliseconds to sketch conclusions about a person based on his photo. This underscores the significance of a profile picture. Aim for inserting a friendly picture of yours here. Pick a shot that is either a head and shoulders or head to waist photo. Here is more on optimizing your profile picture.

  • Profile credentials

This is a one-line description that sums up your details. It shows up with every answer you give on Quora. You also have the option of customizing this one-liner for each answer.

  • Credentials and Highlights

Moreover, fill in the ‘Credentials and Highlights’ section. Enter your education, employment, and location information here.

quora for content marketing


  • Your interests and spaces

This part will help Quora show you questions of your interest. The platform inquires your interests from the start as you make a profile. Pick ten to begin with.

quora for content marketing

Quora also asks if you’d be interested in following spaces or communities that share interests. Pick what you like or proceed without choosing.

If you change your mind later and wish to join communities, you can do so by selecting them from the ‘Set Up Your Account’ bar on the right side of your feed. You can also tweak topics of your interests from the same section.

quora for content marketing

  • Add details to the Know About section

Last but not the least, pick topics of your expertise in the ‘Know About’ section. For adding details here

  1. Click profile icon
  2. Tap on your name
  3. Edit the ‘Knows About’ section on the right side

You’ll get the following page to enter all your required details:

Followed by:

quora for content marketing

Step 2: Write a description and profile summary of who you are and what you do

Where profile credentials require you to be short and to the point, a profile summary is a flexible area where you can talk about yourself in detail, all with rich formatting. You’re also at liberty to add links to your work (perfect place to link your site and social channels), and include an image too.

Emran Ismail’s description is an excellent case in point. Not only does he talk about himself but also gives links to his best performing answers.

quora for content marketing

This section is visible only when someone clicks on your profile so that’s that. But the plus side, it’s a great section to show your personality and share social proof. Add details to this section by clicking on your name icon and heading to the ‘Write a description about yourself’ section.

quora for content marketing

One last thing here – make sure you write an interesting description. You really don’t want to bore the reader.

Step 3: Find the right questions and answer by offering valuable content

Your goal is to look for questions related to your expertise that have a significant number of followers, few competing answers, and good ongoing search traffic.

Here’s a breakdown of the questions you should be looking for:

  • Ones with high upvotes which show that the answer is viewed a lot
  • Questions with less answers so your take is not lost in the sea of answers
  • Also, check the last asked date. This ensures that the question generates interest. Answer questions asked recently

Searching for questions is not challenging. You can look for them manually by browsing through topics of your interest. Or, type in keywords of your interest in the Quora search bar as shown below:

quora for content marketing

Alternatively, you can take to Google search. Browse: “ [keyword phrase].” This will get you a list of related questions to a particular topic such as WordPress plugins:

quora for content marketing

Bonus: Tips for answering questions on Quora

It’s crystal clear that your answer needs to provide value to the readers. But there’s more to answering on Quora than just providing value.

Follow these tips:

  • Change your tone to a friendly professional one

Quora isn’t a suited and booted, formal network such as LinkedIn. Instead, it’s pretty much like a social platform where people exchange questions and answers. Naturally, a friendly tone is preferable.

You can always repurpose your blog content when answering on Quora. Just make sure, you tweak the voice to a friendly-professional one.

  • Show your personality

Keep in mind that you are answering a real person’s question, so you answer like you are talking to a person. Let your personality shine through the content you share.

Remember that readers over at Quora skim through answers and only settle on one that they think doesn’t fall into the category of ‘been there, heard that.’ Making your answer personable, weaving in storytelling or a bit of humor, and providing a practical answer based on your experience can help you beat the competition.

Here’s an example to give you an idea of how you can instill personality in your content:

quora for content marketing

  • Give a non-promotional answer

The point of writing a personality-enriched answer is to keep it promotion-free. Excessively promotional content can be penalized as Nicolas Straut, one of the SEO specialists at Fundera shares with the Content Marketing Institute.

A case in point is the answer below – purely repulsive. No one is going to click that link and you’d never reap any sweet fruit from Quora by following suit:

quora for content marketing

On the other hand, this answer shows the writer as an expert. There are links too, which brings us to our next point.

quora for content marketing


  • Include relevant links where appropriate

Writing a few bland lines and including a link with them or saying “you’ll get the answer here [Link]” is no way to answer. It’s a vain attempt at using Quora for content marketing. What you can do instead is provide a useful answer in a few lines and then add a link to your content for a full-length answer as shown below:

quora for content marketing

On the Social Media Marketing Podcast, Quora Evangelist, JD Prater shares a tip in this regard. Prater suggests writing a snippet of 100 to 200 words and directing the audience to your site

  • Lastly, structure your answer for making it readable

Nobody appreciates a wall of text. In fact, over half of readers, specifically 55%, read blog posts for 15 seconds or less. Now translate this into your Quora answer and you know that more than half of the readers may only be reading your answer for 15 seconds.

So make it easy for them to skim read your content. For instance,

👉 Write short paragraphs

👉 Break your answer with subheadings

👉 Add bullet point and

👉 Format important points (bold or italic)

Here’s an example of a readable answer:

quora for content marketing

Don’t forget to keep your answer visually rich. Not many writers on Quora use images in their answers. By adding them, you can increase your odds of standing out with your answer along with making it easy to read.

Here’s a good example of such an answer:

quora for content marketing

Step 4: Engage on the Q&A platform

Work on Quora is not limited to writing answers to questions. As in the case of success on any other social platform, you can drive excellent results from Quora by engaging with the users.

Some ways you can level up your engagement are:

  • Reference others’ answers

Referencing answers of other folks on Quora, as done in Darmesh Shah’s answer below, helps you offer more value to your readers. More importantly, however, referencing others gives you the opportunity to grow your network on the platform

quora for content marketing

  • Comment on answers

By doing so, again, you can stretch the boundaries of your network and grow it. Moreover, commenting allows you to add more value to the available content. The actionable takeaways that you offer in your comments will help people see you as an authority too.

  • Add your Quora link to other social channels

The good thing about Quora is that anyone can view your profile and answers including those who don’t use the platform. So by add a link to your Quora account on other social channels, you can offer interested people a bridge to your problem.

  • Be consistent so that you become known as a familiar person with authority

Answer questions in your field on a regular note. Your audience needs to see you often to notice you, remember you, and view you as an expert. Therefore, try to post answers on a weekly basis if not more often than that.

In conclusion

Alexa reveals that Quora falls among the top 150 sites on the globe. Plus, it ranks on number 26 among the 100 most visited sites in the US. Not to forget, its popularity is rising. On top of that, we’ve discussed a ton of benefits that come associated with Quora. All these facts and figures are convincing enough to join Quora and reap the most from it for content marketing.

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