RunCloud at the forefront of supporting developer communities In Africa

RunCloud, the standard technology for configuring, setting up, managing, deploying, and monitoring web applications — for now, PHP and WordPress applications — on a cloud hosting platform like Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud Platform is driven by a mission of increasing developers productivity.

At the core of RunCloud’s mission is developers — developers should focus on that which they are meant to do — developing applications and not spending productive hours setting up and monitoring their web applications on a VPS. 

RunCloud meetup in partnership with the GDG Warri – February 9 2019

Support for tech ecosystem and knowledge sharing — a core value of RunCloud

One of the core values of RunCloud is knowledge sharing — and this is achieved through the team’s support for tech ecosystems like sponsoring and/or supporting meetups, as this gives the right platform for the effective sharing of knowledge.

And in line with its effort to support the growth of software developers across Africa, RunCloud hosted it’s first meetup, in partnership with the GDG Warri, on February 9, 2019, in Warri, Nigeria.

On Friday March 8 2019, RunCloud part sponsored the forLoop Lagos summit the first for 2019, which recorded a massive attendance of over 400 developers. Charles Freeborn, technical writer at RunCloud introduced the startup to the members of the forLoop Lagos community, in a brief talk on “The RunCloud Advantage.”

Charles Freeborn, Technical Writer, RunCloud speaking on the RunCloud Advantage at forLoop Lagos Summit

If you are a developer, and you are wondering why you should use RunCloud to manage your web applications on a cloud host, here are some advantages as shared by Charles during the forLoop Lagos summit.

  • Automate server configuration
  • Painless PHP configuration
  • Security
  • Script installer for Content Management Systems like WordPress

Would you like to use RunCloud to manage your web applications on a VPS, then take this quick survey — and we will send you a discounted coupon, which you can use to sign up on RunCloud and enjoy our amazing offerings.

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  1. Run cloud was a great support for local developers community like that of warri, in delta state Nigeria, please is it possible that I can be supported to support my school as a community builder, increase the awareness of runcloud and inspire student to be developers

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