RunCloud Show #3 – Korvin Szanto, Concrete5, PHP-FIG

In this episode Iszuddin Ismail talked wot Korvin Szanto from Concrete5 who represents his company to PHP-FIG. Korvin started with PHP at a really young age and was trying to fit in acting like he was older in the online communities. And the truth was, age didn’t matter.

We talked about he started his first job, how he got involved with Concrete5 and other things about his involvement with PHP. We also talked about how PHP has evolved, from PHP3, all the way to PHP7. Some other topics discussed was the PHP-FIG and the PSRs, also about Composer and other things.

Please share feedbacks and ideas on future shows.

p.s. ~ I think I got my audio set up a lot better now. In case you are wondering what I did, I use a LAN cable instead of WiFi, and also a set of earphone so that the audio from my guest doesn’t get in the mic

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