RunCloud Show #4 – Ed Finkler, Founder of

We released this episode as soon as we can because it is important for us to help our guest in this episode, Ed Finkler with his fundraiser.

Our PHP programmer for this episode is Ed Finkler, who recently stepped down from his CTO position at Graph Story to work fulltime on a non-profit organisation that he founded, Open Sourcing Mental Illness (or OSMI), where it aims to create awareness among employers and IT professionals about mental illness in the workplace.

Apart from donating and helping out, you can get cool gifts too like conference tickets, hoodies, t-shirts, books, and others that would appeal to programmers like us. To check out the fundraiser campaign, just head over to

About Ed Finkler. Ed Finkler is the founder of Open Sourcing Mental Illness, a non-profit organisation that aims to create awareness among employers and IT professionals about mental illness in the workplace. With that, OSMI helps increase productivity and save them money by reducing employee turnover rates and at the same time provide a better workplace for IT professionals .

But Ed has a long history with PHP and programming. He was the CTO of Graph Story, and is also very well-known among conference and convention goers, where he frequents as a speaker.

Ed recently stepped down from his CTO position to focus fulltime on OSMI. In fact right now, OSMI is doing their 2017 fundraising to help them with the cause. While I think you should donate for this noble cause, there are cool gifts too like books, stickers, plush toys, t-shirts and hoodies for contributors.

Do check that out.

Other things, we spoke a lot of about how he got started with PHP, and later how he also did Python. At one point we also talked about how he compares PHP and Python.

But towards the end we talked a lot about mental illness among IT professional, and how he too suffers from it and his experience as an IT professional who is diagnosed with two conditions.

I hope you enjoy this one because I sure enjoyed doing it.

Thanks for talking to us Ed!

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