RunCloud Show #8 – Tessa Mero, Developer Evangelist, Cisco

Tessa has helped us a lot getting RunCloud Show started. She introduced some great friends like Ed Finkler and the rests that you see earlier on this show.

We talked a lot about the Pacific North West PHP Conference (pnwphp), where she is the organiser. PNWPHP is happening in Seattle this coming 7th-9th September 2017. When we talked on the Skype, she said tickets sales will start really soon. And now ticket sales has open.

So be sure to get your tickets:

Pacific North West PHP Seattle
7th – 9th September 2017

And because she was on the RunCloud Show, I just had to grill on other things, like I discovered she was really into gaming. Before getting on board with all the PHP conference circuit, she was going around to gaming conventions. She played at LAN parties and all.

I forgot to ask what was her cosplay costume like.

But anyhow, this mother of two was a lot of fun to chat with. Hope to do it again soon.

Enjoy the show.

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