RunCloud is going to Silicon Valley for Startup World Cup 2018 Grand Finale

Yes, RunCloud is going to Silicon Valley!

We are happy and proud to announce that RunCloud won the Regional Startup World Cup 2018 in Malaysia, competing against 9 other well-established tech startups.

Next, RunCloud is going to the Startup World Cup 2018 Final in Silicon Valley this May 11th!

RunCloud will be attending and competing in the grand finale as the Malaysia representatives for the Startup World Cup 2018. Competition will be strong as we will be up against great startup companies from all around the world, game on! has thousands of users across more than 50 countries worldwide, with 80% of our users from the US and European countries. We are going to show Silicon Valley that a Malaysia based startup is also able to succeed globally.

What is the Startup World Cup?

If you haven’t heard about the Startup World Cup yet, in their own words they are a global conference and competition that brings together the top startups, VCs, entrepreneurs and world-class tech CEOs.

You can check it out here at their website and there are more details here.

What did the judges think?

[Runcloud is…] a Malaysian company that can stand out on the global stage and say that ‘I’ve got this solution that can be applied not just where I live, but everywhere else’. A global deep-tech solution, which could really stand out on the global stage.

Hann Liew – Founder and Director @ Jirnexu

“We think that they’ve [RunCloud] got a deeper tech capability that is able to withstand the competition at a global stage, from a technology perspective… they’re able to use the same technical skillset”

Thoo Wee-Meng – Head of Investments @ Leonie Hill Capital

Thank You and to celebrate…

And although we are not the World Champions (yet!) I am celebrating anyway! I don’t care, the whole team is ecstatic and I am proud of every single one of them for what we have achieved so far!

Therefore, that is why you’ll be getting an offer today, that will run until the end of the month.
You know what?

RunCloud is as awesome as it is today because of you, the actual users. You took a leap of faith with us to try out this new server dashboard panel, developed by some young kids out of college from a developing nation. Everyday we strive to reward your belief in us and provide you with the service and platform you deserve.

Honestly, I wish I could hug you right now.

But since I can’t, here’s what I am going to do…… (drum roll)……
RunCloud will represent Malaysia at the Startup World Cup 2018
If you are the Free Plan user, you can now upgrade to a Pro User at 25% discount – It’s on me 😉

Just use this promo code when upgrading plans:


(offer lasts until 30 April 2018)

You as our users are our “true” investors. We welcome your feedback, opinions, suggestions, and criticism – through these channels you help us build a better tool for your application and server management and deployment.

If you are in Silicon Valley this May, let’s try to hook up. We are always happy to connect with our customers in person.

Arif Tukiman
CEO, RunCloud

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3 thoughts on “RunCloud is going to Silicon Valley for Startup World Cup 2018 Grand Finale

  1. This is great but.
    Where’s the discount or reward for Pro users who have actually been paying for the service?
    Also, I have a support issue that’s now been outstanding for over 3 months with runcloud and the response has been pretty dreadful so far. I’m going to file YET ANOTHER TICKET but I’m fairly sure nothing will be done.

  2. Congrats guys! you deserve it!
    Now, can you please implement two-factor authentication login, please?
    It’s pretty straightforward and requires almost no effort on your part. I’ve got a pro account with 11 servers running and managed by you guys. all it takes is for just one successful hack to for someone to wreak havoc on all my servers ( delete all apps and associated files, change sftp password and a lot more).
    Please take this seriously. Do 2FA today, please.
    Besides that, you guys are great! waiting for 2FA to move some of my sensitive production servers over from ServerPilot

  3. Hey mates, how about this topic? Is there any post or article where we can read about the result of this event?
    I have not heard nor read nothing more about it.

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