Announcing RunCloud Support Ticket System

RunCloud support ticket system

RunCloud is excited to announce an improvement to how we handle customer support. It will no longer be handled by a live chat system. We will now be handing support requests via a support ticket system.

We think you are really going to like it!

Our goal is to not only make it easier for you to submit support requests to us, but also for us to be able to manage your requests in a much more efficient way, ensuring everyone receives our support as quickly as possible.

Logged in RunCloud customers can now submit tickets, track the progress of ongoing support, search through and view past tickets, and monitor all assistance/answers/solutions provided.

How to Open a RunCloud Support Ticket

The new support ticket system may be accessed by navigating to Support at the top bar of the RunCloud panel.

Tickets are listed with their ID, Subject, and the last updated time. A preview of each ticket message is displayed under the ticket’s subject. You can search your tickets using the live search located next to the ‘Open Ticket’ button.

You can easily see each ticket’s status at a glance because each of them is marked by a coloured icon. For example, a new ticket has an orange coloured ‘N’ icon while a solved ticket has a green coloured ‘S’ icon.

Click the ‘Open Ticket’ button to submit a new support request. You will be required to complete a short form that includes selecting the department (billing, bug reporting, technical support), and providing a subject title and description of your issue.

You are recommended to include as much information as possible in the description. It will help to solve your issue faster and more precisely. The form also accepts file uploads so that you can attach any document that might help to resolve your issue, such as a screenshot, log file, or documentation, etc.

After submitting your ticket, it will appear in your tickets list and notify a RunCloud support team member. You can open the ticket anytime to add new reply. The ticket user interface is like a chat box with chat bubbles in a conversation thread. This, combined with the ticket list, provides a much better method for tracking support issues in the backend.

You will receive a transcript copy of every submitted support ticket and response in your registered email account. You can simply reply to the support ticket email to add additional comments.

We hope you like the new support ticket system, we feel it ensures everyone will receive our support as quickly as possible. Non-members are encouraged to either register for a free RunCloud account or write an email directly to for their enquiries.

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9 thoughts on “Announcing RunCloud Support Ticket System

  1. If a chat conversation takes a couple of minutes and several threads to successfully communicate the issue, in a ticketing system with slower response times, this is going to slow the time to reach a solution.

    Have you considered keeping chat for critical issues or outages?



  2. This is really great to see. Thanks for the continued improvements to your system, a decent ticket system is a much needed feature.

    One thing we really really want to see next is 2-factor authentication for RunCloud accounts. This is critical fo us considering that amount of power over our servers that our Runcloud account has.


  3. While what you’re saying about time makes sense, in reality form our experience the ‘Live Chat’ was never live, it was always ‘leave a message’ so essentially just an email. If lots of users were using this, with hundreds or more live chat messages there was probably no categorisation (technical/billing/bug etc) automatically and no clear state or priority for the messages (which is why it can take more messages to convey your problem).

    So hopefully the idea with this new system, while it seems more complicated will take pressure of dev ops from simple tickets like billing and make the more serious/ quick fixes rise to the top of the list and can easily be upgraded in priority or get another dev involved with a clear history of what’s gone on and what state the ticket is.

    Additionally form a security perspective, I much prefer logging in to my account to submit a ticket. With the live chat (while unlikely) it’s much easier to social engineer the support staff/ live chat person and all you need is to supply my account email to potentially get devs to make serious changes to your servers, so this is much better and more accountable.

  4. I second wih @Mark. A real time “CHAT” option would be a much better and viable option even if there’s a wait, queue involved. Ticketing System will only slow things down than they already are. Perhaps linking it to category base FAQ and if the solution isn’t found there then provide customer an option to opt for either Ticketing or Chat at the end.

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