New on RunCloud Panel: Server List, Log Filter, Database List

Many customers have praised RunCloud panel for its user interface design. It is beautiful, feature-rich, and easy-to-use. We are proud of it and committed to continually improving it.

The recent RunCloud upgrade made the RunCloud API available to everyone and improved the RunCloud panel user interface (UI). The new UI has rolled out to all customers, but you may need to refresh your RunCloud panel to see the updated interface.

In this article, I will highlight some of the new RunCloud UI changes. Including changes to the server list, log filter, and database list.

Server List with Status

RunCloud server grid view

The new RunCloud server dashboard offers 2 different views, a Grid view and a List view. In either layout, you get a summary overview of all of your servers’ key information, including:

  • Server name
  • Connection status
  • IP address
  • Server provider
  • Disk usage
  • Memory usage

RunCloud server list view

At a glance, you will know which of your servers may need to be upgraded with more disk space or RAM. (RunCloud server health monitor will alert you whenever high server resource usage is detected.)

In case you are managing dozens of servers, the new search box at the top left-hand side will prove useful to find a particular server.

The search box supports live search and provides instant search results as you type. It will search server names, IP addresses, and server providers. For Example:

  • Search all servers from Digital Ocean.
  • Search servers in the same IP subnet.

Also, we added a super-duper highly visible “Connect a New Server” button to connect new servers to RunCloud. You will never need to search for it again (the original ‘connect server’ button was somewhat “hidden” next to your profile picture in the top right corner of the old interface).

Server Log with Filters

RunCloud server log filter

RunCloud monitors and records what has happened and what you have done in the server log. Now you can filter the server log by labels (info, high priority info, warning, error) and search for specific log records.

You can select multiple labels for the filter, and the filter(s) will apply to the log search too.

Database View with User List

RunCloud database user list

Your web application’s database may have multiple database users. The new database view lists all the database users attached to each database. You can easily revoke access or attach a new database user with a click.


We hope you agree that the RunCloud panel updates improve the user interface, which in turn enhances the user experience. The changes should allow you to:

  • Get an overview of servers more easily, without needing to check them individually.
  • Search through and find server log records using filters.
  • Check all database users attached to a database.

What do you like about the RunCloud panel? Do you have suggestions to improve it? Please add them in the comment below.

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4 thoughts on “New on RunCloud Panel: Server List, Log Filter, Database List

  1. Very nice updates. I appreciate adding useful information and not just making it a fluff update for no real reason. Glad to see you are putting effort into things that matter…thanks!

  2. Really great! You guys are awesome. There are little few things which over the time, I know, you and team will improvise further and Runcloud will be the best ever team and platform …

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