Here are the top 5 web design techniques for 2019

Keeping up to date with web design trends is significant to the success of any site, you design as a developer. Every year, website designs changes. Each year, out of sheer boredom or a desire to see something new and exciting, web developers, draw up new templates. While the design, has moved from blocks and brutal, to flat and modern. And more simplistic and minimalist website design.

Web trends changes, at regular intervals. A site that looks smooth today could look obsolete and in a few months. Website design is, in the eyes of the beholder, but many visitors may moved by new designs. Often time, website design falls into the realm of adapting to the personality of the developer or client.

In a 2018 blog post, Google revealed that all websites focused on mobile-first design will appear in first in search results, particularly websites that are utilizing AMP. This official trend from Google is backed with research that most visitors are actually visiting a site from a mobile device. Responsive design factors are also important. Ensuring that your content, including any forms on the website, resize accordingly.

While the design of any website will help attract new visitors and help returning ones feel comfortable on your website, the content is an important factor when it comes to ranking. In understanding what makes a good website in 2019, here are a few factors that you should consider.

1. Serif Is Still Gorgeous

Most websites use the sans serif font. This is common because Serif has its roots in human history, originating in 1825 by the printer Thomas Curson Hansard. These fonts are readable and very adaptable to personal and business use.

While sans, with its spotless intelligibility, is the go-to for longer episodes of many websites. Many of the multinational brands are heading towards intense serifs as part of their agenda. For example, in headers. There’s a valid justification for this – serifs was intended to be embellishing, making them ideal for accentuation.

Despite the fact that serifs are connected with the past, they have heaps of characters and are more versatile than you may might suspect. For example, the adjusted serifs that play a key-role in promoting Mailchimp’s sprightly marking. Or, the wedge serifs and striking strokes that make a cutting edge writing tool for Medium.

2. Black and white palettes

Shading is a standout among the most imperative components in a website. It instigates a state of mind, brings together a brand, and aides clients through an interface by making visual spots. For 2019, we’re seeing a brave high contrast website composition putting forth great expressions.

Shading is how we see the world by light particles, being retained through our eyes. At the point, when shading is missing, we start to see the world in an unexpected way. Surfaces and shapes progress, becoming clearer, and the world appears to be slower.

White without any other input is spotless and saved with a darkness that is solid and emphatic. Join the two shades of color together and you get a very striking crystal clear look.

Yet, the greatest impact of a highly contrasting plans is in their mix with negligible measures of shading. Including an emphasized shading won’t separate the ocean of monochrome, but it will make focal points and suggestions to take action jump, at the visitor.

3. Videos To Compliment Content

Video animations are still important in 2019. You may think with speed, being such an immense factor this year that videos would hinder a site excessively. In any case, videos have appeared to build transformations with less emphasis on the sound until it is clicked or focused on, and more emphasis on being the background.

Video heroes are more convincing and can complement the content. You may not see a video background on your average website, but these 50 examples of video backgrounds work beautifully. Mainstream websites such as YouTube and Facebook along with Google Ads have already started incorporating more video streaming into their advertising methods. A video will start playing without making sound, until a visitor engages it.

While YouTubers already know the power of videos, bloggers have also taken note of how popular video posts can be, engaging for a vlog, backed up with content, for search engines and humans to discover. News articles may also deliver videos with identical content to match. While there is a benefit to the handicapped, many people prefer to watch or listen to a video rather than read the content.

At the point when a visitor arrives on your site and a video plays out, they’re probably going to stick around. And watch it since recordings are eye catching. The longer a visitor remains on your site, the more probable they are to remain on it or come back. Especially if your video placement is unnoticeable and subtle, allowing the visitor to make a decision to watch it or not. If you have a sale on any of your products or services, it is always best to have an accompanying video. Whether it is an introduction, a tutorial, or an overview, which will serve the purposes of further marketing your business.

4. Listen To The Music

Once considered the worst possible mistake of any website – a death sentence – music can now be embraced if incorporated correctly. The young blood is easily tuned in with the aid of music. Music is a category that fits all ages. While it is never recommended to auto-play without the permission of your visitors. Do include a mute option because it may not amuse everyone.

There are plenty of music websites and channels that offer music for free, easily embedded on a website. Offering readers with a taste of your music to get them in the mode of reading and understanding your level of thinking and writing. Either talking about your favorite music, quoting your favorite music, or even sharing your favorite music with your readers is a good way to keep them in good company.

While this may be more ideal for personal blogs, business blogs can incorporate a style of classical, meditative, or other types of music into their own blogs. Visitors may come with their own music, but they may stay with the music selection on the website.

Regardless of your music choices, ensure that nothing auto-plays or at least the mute option is on. As the downsides of an automatic music will be automatic loss of a visitor. Woo in your visitors and connect with them through music, even if you touch upon what is playing and why you chose it.

5. Engaging Your Branding

In 2019, with emphasis on content, font, minimal distraction, and a shade of black and white, the logo brand remains one of the most defining factors of your website. The brand is what people are going to remember, even if only on your website for less than a minute. Getting them to remember your brand should be the focus of anything you do when it comes to your website.

With so much competition out there, the top brands are already in the minds of most of your visitors. Getting your visitors to not only recognize, but trust your logo is going to take time and careful consideration, for anyone who visits your website and becomes a potential customer.

With the world’s greatest companies, most well-known brands flaunting serif-less logos, it is a competition to become recognized as something important, something that people need, and use in their everyday lives. Social Media is often the best way to gain brand recognition, but also engaging with visitors and customers. If you look at the history of every company, the logo brand evolves, and so must yours.

Touching up your logo and getting a different perspective, like insight from employees, family, and friends can help you with a redesign into something that is more clever than average. It is essential to keep progressing, not only with redesigning your website, but to continuously re-brand your company. In this sense, your company is an ever-evolving entity that progresses with society and its demands, rather than remaining stagnant.

You may have started your logo one way, but it is never the be-all end-all and demands change to its personality as it reinvents itself from year to year. No company is perfect and nearly every major company has a draft history of the appearance of their logos. The true logo design comes with the maturity of the company. Here are a few examples.

The only excuse not to change your logo, however, is if you’re Pokémon.

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