Transfer Server To Another Account

Why Transfer Server?

Most of our customers are either freelancer or a company. When they are no longer maintaining the server or wanted to give their server to their client, most of the time they will contact us to move the desired server from their account to their customer’s account. When doing this, we need to manually change the value inside the database, clearing the cache and will prone to make some mistakes. Now our customers can select which account they want to transfer their servers to. Easy, fast and simple.

Transferring server to another account

To transfer the server to another account, all you need to do is going to the Settings menu of the server. There you will find a section to transfer the server by just inserting new server owner’s email. This is what we call a Server Transfer Request. The server transfer request will preventing you from accessing your server and you can cancel this request to manage your server again as usual.

Managing the server transfer request

If you are a new owner of the transferred server, you won’t receive the server just yet. You can either reject or accept the transfer request. Rejecting the server transfer request is equivalent to cancelling the transfer as if you are the old owner. Accepting the request will make you the new owner of the server.

Additional info

This is the additional info the you should know about transferring the server to the new owner.

  • You won’t be able to manage the server while in transfer request. Health report and web application stats still can be sent from your server to our server.
  • You can’t transfer your server to the trial account user.
  • Once the server has successfully transferred to new owner, the server won’t be able to be transfer again for 15 days.
  • Slack Webhook URL and Health Notification settings will be deleted from the server once the new owner accepting the server from you.
  • You can’t force new owner to accept your server.

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