UpCloud Faster-than-SSD Cloud Hosting Server (Promo Code Inside)

UpCloud is a cloud hosting company from Finland that was established in 2012. Currently, they have 6 data centers around the globe, in the UK, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Finland. UpCloud makes the bold claim, that they offer the “World’s fastest cloud servers”, which has thrown down the gauntlet to the established Cloud infrastructure providers.

In this article, we will check out some of the their features and demonstrate how to connect an UpCloud server to RunCloud. You will also get an exclusive promo code at the end of the article so you can put their speed to the test for yourself.

1. Faster than SSD

UpCloud uses a proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology with their VPS servers. It has been shown to be twice as fast as standard SSD VPS hosting, offering high performance of up to 100,000 IOPS.
According to their benchmark article published in 2014, Upcloud disk input/output performance (write and read) is faster than AWS, Azure, Google, and Digital Ocean. The read IOPS showed an incredible 19x gain over AWS!

In another article, Cloud Benchmark at Slush 2015, the cloud server benchmark results confirmed their superior performance over both Digital Ocean Droplets and AWS EC2 Instances.
UpCloud cloud server benchmark

2. Freely Scalable Cloud Server

UpCloud monthly plans start from just $5 per month and range upto $640 per month. The largest preconfigured server offers 20 CPUs, 128GB RAM, 2TB storage, and 24TB data transfer.

Besides offering these pre-configured servers, they also offer freely scalable cloud servers for your custom needs. You can create your custom cloud server with your desired CPU, memory, and disk space at any of the UpCloud data centers.

3. 100% uptime SLA

“whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” – Murphy’s Law

Cloud hosting providers rarely offer 100% uptime service level agreements (SLA).
UpCloud is one of the few rare companies that do. They offer a 100% uptime Service Level Agreements (SLA) with 50x compensation for any disruption of service longer than 5 minutes. This SLA is better than most of their competitors, even those that do offer a 100% uptime SLA.

This confidence in their infrastructure comes from having built solid redundancy and failover mechanisms into their services from the foundations upwards. Confidence that rewards the user with a solid SLA.

How to deploy a RunCloud-UpCloud server

Deploy an UpCloud Server

After you login to your UpCloud control panel, find the “DEPLOY A NEW SERVER” box. Enter an appropriate server name and choose your preferred data center location.

UpCloud preconfigured server

On the next page, you get to further customize the cloud server settings. You can select from any of the preconfigured instances or customize the server CPU, memory, and storage resources to your needs. You can also attach up to 4 disks (from 10GB to 2TB per disk) to your cloud server.

UpCloud disks

Then, you get to choose the operating system for your server, with OS templates available for both Linux (CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Ubuntu) and Windows (Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016).

You can add your public SSH key to use with the server and change other server settings, such as time zone, login methods, IPv6 support, etc. You can also define an initialization script to be executed during the first boot.

Finally, click the “Deploy Server” button to launch your UpCloud server. It will take less than 1 minute to provision. Server settings are available after clicking the server’s name and you can open a secure console connection to the server from within your web browser.

UpCloud server control panel

Connect Your UpCloud Server to your RunCloud Control Panel

Once your server has been provisioned you can login to your RunCloud control panel to connect it to your dashboard and install the powerful RunCloud server stack. If you haven’t already signed up to RunCloud you can do so here, we offer both a free forever tier and a free trial to our incredibly feature rich Pro plan so you can take us out for a test drive too.

The simple steps are the same as with any of the other cloud hosting providers:

  1. Connect the server by submitting the server name and IP address to generate a RunCloud installation script
  2. Run the RunCloud installation script on the server as root user. You can run the installation script by opening a console connection via UpCloud control panel.
  3. Done.

After the installation has been completed, you can easily manage your UpCloud server from your RunCloud dashboard.

UpCloud Promo Code

For RunCloud customers who would like to try out UpCloud we have a special free trial promo offer. You can use the special promo code RunCloud when you sign up to UpCloud and receive $50 credit free. If you deposit $10 within 7 days, then you can keep that $50 credit for 60 days. That should be plenty of credit to test their system to your satisfaction.

We hope you enjoy the promo code and take UpCloud for a test drive. We would love to hear about your UpCloud experience, so please come back and leave your comments below!

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13 thoughts on “UpCloud Faster-than-SSD Cloud Hosting Server (Promo Code Inside)

  1. It seems to be a great platform, I’m evaluating and it seems very good to start migrating my projects to UpCloud.

  2. Quick heads-up for those who would like to try it.
    Signed up for UpCloud without using the affiliate link. They gave me $5 in credits to test. I spun up a server and started installing RunCloud but could not use it: you need to open a port in firewall so that RunCloud can talk to the server, but firewall changes cannot be made when in trial mode. RunCloud installer also didn’t (or couldn’t) make any changes to the firewall. So beware.
    Still couldn’t fully test UpCloud though. Didn’t add funds to the account yet.

  3. Thanks Arijit for reaching out to UpCloud and bringing up Denis concern. As mentioned, Denis had tried signing up without the affiliate link and directly with UpCloud. Under such scenarios, the account is in trial mode, valid for 3 days and balance is USD5. During the trial mode, we block access certain ports due to which you would naturally be unable to connect to RunCloud server.
    Under the RunCloud promo, you would not face the above challenge from signup.Let us know should you need more clarity and thank you once again for reaching out to us.
    Team UpCloud

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